Current Projects

Our fiscally sponsored projects further our mission of making music and recreation accessible to ALL

Donnie Welch (he/him/his) is a poet and educator who has worked with students with intellectual, developmental, and multiple disabilities since 2014. His web series Let’s Write About… provides a free, accessible show for children ages two to ten of all abilities and their families. Inspired by the shows Donnie grew up on like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Gullah Gullah Island, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and Pappyland, Let’s Write About… teaches poetry through fun, craft-based activities. The show explores complex, social-emotional topics and inspires inquiry-based learning through song, simple set design, and activities that are readily adaptable for kids of all abilities to be successful as independent learners.

Especially Everyone offers inclusive concert experiences designed to make live music more accessible to people that may find some elements of a traditional concert challenging, including people with disabilities. Show features and amenities include multiple genres, music played at a lower volume, relaxing spaces to take breaks, friendly staff, and opportunities to be a part of the show. Members of Especially Everyone believe that music is among the most powerful forms of human connection, and that we are all better off when we come together to listen, to dance, and to celebrate life.

The Accessible Circus Project aims to provide accessible movement-based programming and circus toys to individuals, families, and organizations that have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. Programming will be delivered in-person and virtually through Zoom (and comparable conferencing platforms), will include a variety of Circus Arts, Creative Dance, and Yoga instruction, and will target numerous physical/functional, cognitive, emotional, and social capacities. 

Music With Corey is a fun, immersive, and educational music experience for children of all abilities (ages 1-7+) with renowned music teacher, Corey J. Feldman. With an array of visuals and interactions, you can expect engaging, interactive songs about colors, shapes, numbers, animals and much more.  We might freeze dance or “show and tell,” so bring instruments and toys.  It’s a party when you join Music With Corey! This fiscally-sponsored program will provide free or low-cost programming to low-income families and families with children with special needs.

Victorious Access Solutions is an organization dedicated to educating and integrating Deaf Culture and access into the core of music and transformational festivals’ production to bridge worlds and facilitate co-understanding. The organization’s mission is achieved through strategic, hand-in-hand planning with the festival’s production team to provide interpreters, and other accessibility services, as well as create a Deaf-led, Deaf-centric safe space for people to congregate and celebrate in ASL whether they be Deaf, Hearing, Hard-of-Hearing, or identifying with other forms of alter-ableness.