Fiscal Sponsorship

Make your dream a reality!

Do you, or someone you know, have a project idea that increases access to music and recreation? We can provide mentorship and facilitate tax-deductible support to make your idea a reality!


Accessible Festivals offers a fiscal sponsorship program, eligible to entities that wish to carry out projects that further our mission to make recreation and leisure accessible to all abilities. Donations earmarked for a project operating under our fiscal sponsorship program are paid directly to Accessible Festivals, allowing donors to receive all benefits associated with making a charitable (tax-deductible) donation. Accessible Festivals then places the donations in a restricted fund dedicated to the sponsored project and disburses them as grants to the sponsored project. With consideration for the expenses incurred with administering fiscal sponsorship, Accessible Festivals charges a 10% fee on all donations.

Legally, the project is a separate entity from Accessible Festivals. The project must provide annual reports to document its activities and expenditures. The project owns its product, intellectual and tangible property. It hires and supervises its own staff, and is responsible for financial health and management. This empowers sponsored entities to take responsibility for their own administration, success, and future growth.

Tax-Deductible Support

Accessible Festivals primary role is to enable charitable support for the sponsored project. To do so, Accessible Festivals creates a special restricted fund for the sole purpose of funding the project’s approved activities. Accessible Festivals implements a grant agreement with the project stating that all funds received by Accessible Festivals will be disbursed to the project as long as the project adheres to all requirements set forth in the grant agreement and those imposed by charitable funders. Accessible Festivals assumes liability to the funding source that the work will be carried out exactly as described in the grant application. Since the sponsored project is not a 501(c)(3), Accessible Festivals assumes liability to the IRS for the charitable nature of the activities. However, the project is responsible for its own tax filings.

Project Consultation

Accessible Festivals secondary role is that of consultant, coach and resource. We can provide ongoing, informal consultation on project focus, strategy, organizational development, fundraising and more, as needed by the sponsored project. As a fiscally sponsored project of Accessible Festivals, you will gain access to our Board of Directors, whose years of combined experience offer a unique and well-rounded perspective on any issues that may arise as you work towards your project goals.