Our fiscal sponsorship program allows others to carry out projects that further our mission to make recreation and leisure accessible to all abilities. One such program is Music With Corey, a top-rated zoom music class, that has just launched its flagship charity program entitled Caring With Corey.

The project will provide music education to children with severe illnesses, children with special needs, and families who are underprivileged with a focus on remote learning in an innovative and interactive way.  Music With Corey is fiscally sponsored by Accessible Festivals, and it has established partnerships with two charitable groups that provide music to children with cancer and other severe diseases, The KEYS Program and KiDS NEED MoRE.

Music With Corey is highly interactive and features educational songs about numbers, letters, feelings, colors, food, sports, body parts, and much more. Classes feature use of a green screen to create visually stimulating backgrounds that grasp every child’s attention.  Each 45-minute class includes immersive activities like a freeze-dance, guessing games, show-and-tell, and magic. The class structure remains similar week to week, but the themes and songs change. Repetition of structure is crucial in pre-k and early elementary learning, while varying the content keeps students interested. Every child that wants to participate is included… the kids are not just “watching” a show, they are part of it. Creating a personal connection with each and every child is the top priority.  With the help and resources of Accessible Festivals, Music With Corey is able to reach a wider audience to help build a successful scholarship program for needy families. Reviews of the program have exceeded 4.9 out of 5 stars with 100+ reviews via HiSawyer.com, Kidpass.com and Facebook.

In an era of pandemic, families have turned to zoom and facetime as a way to enrich their children and families.  This is not always an easy transition, and Music With Corey is a program that truly caters to those who need it. From single moms to families dealing with mental disabilities and illness, people are searching for ways to help curious young minds flourish without any risk. This is exactly the niche that Music With Corey fills.  As a specialty interactive class, Music With Corey even appeals to kids who may not normally enjoy remote learning.  Part of the vision is to reach children who have struggled with virtual classes and give them a chance to find something they love in music.

Before creating Music With Corey in mid 2020, Corey J. Feldman was a children’s music teacher (ages 0-5+) in Tribeca, NYC since 2012. He has done 5000+ performances and classes for kids over the last decade.  He graduated cum laude from NYU in 2005 with a degree in journalism/mass communication. After college, Corey became a server at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square while pursuing his musical passion projects: Cousin Earth (fun-time, sci-fi, rock-n-roll) and The Green Emerald (An Illustrated Storybook Rock Opera). He has also performed at dozens of charity events over 2 decades of his music career including many Relay for Life walk-a-thons at colleges up and down the East Coast.

Corey believes that everyone is entitled to a great and equal education. Some people are unfairly denied access or simply cannot find the right teachers or schools for their children. His commitment is to utilize scholarships to provide a better educational experience to as many needy families as possible by offering Music With Corey classes as a remote learning experience.

If you are interested in learning more, you can reach Corey at musicwithcorey@gmail.com