In order to manifest amazing stuff into your life, you’ve gotta do the work to feel good inside and out, be grateful for what you have, be radically kind to yourself and others, and use the powerful vibrations of music as a tool. When you do this work, you’ll feel excited, inspired, passionate, and full of joy. Even if it doesn’t land you with all your biggest dreams and goals (which it will) the worst thing that will happen is that you’ll feel excited, inspired, passionate, and full of joy. So whatcha got to lose?

You have to raise your vibe if you want to bring in all the good stuff. This doesn’t mean that bad stuff won’t happen or that you did anything to deserve it if it does. You don’t have control over everything AND at the same time, it is possible to start bringing in many of the things you want on PURPOSE.

Music is a huge part of making this all possible for you. Why music? Because music carries its own frequency, so it makes it possible to hack your vibe and raise it high into the cosmos. Want to get high?

Here’s a list of 8 Ways To Manifest Your Best Life Using Music:

  1. Dance. Move your body in a way that feels natural. Choose music that brings feelings of happiness or– on the flip side- if you’re currently feeling down, find a song that will help you move through sadness. Think Happy by Pharrell, Someone Like You by Adele, and everything in between.
  2. Meditate. Nothing makes me feel naturally more high than doing nothing. If you need help or don’t know what to do, try this technique. Even though this meditation is supposed to be done in silence you can listen to some music beforehand to get you in the right headspace.
  3. Be Grateful. Take a moment to think about something or someone you’re grateful for in your life. Feel the gratitude in every cell of your body and then listen to a song that reminds you of that thing or person.
  4. Journal. Write about how much you love, appreciate, and are thankful for YOURSELF. Listen to music that reflects that.
  5. Do Something Nice. Almost nothing feels better than doing something nice for someone. I love making playlists with someone in mind and sending them the link to listen to it.
  6. Walking. Getting outside and moving your body equals high vibes. If it’s possible to be in nature that’s even better because you’ll start to tune into the frequency of the natural world and be more connected to the universe and the planet. If you can’t, listen to nature sounds or music inspired by nature.
  7. Reach Out to Someone Who Lifts You Up. Call them up on the phone or schedule a Facetime meet-up. Choose a song and invite your friend to listen/dance to the song.
  8. Cook Something Healthy. Raise your vibe from the inside out since you are what you eat. I made a Smokin’ Hot Kitchen Soundtrack you can listen to while you whip up something delicious. Listen HERE.

This post was written by board member Taraleigh Weathers. Taraleigh is a live music fan, journalist, social media influencer, and self-help guru who has dedicated her life to inspiring, entertaining, and helping others. Her popular workshops that teach other music lovers how to beat the “post-show blues” and live with intention, vulnerability, and authenticity have made her a staple of the festival scene and beyond. In 2018, Taraleigh published her first book, How To Rock Your Life: Maintain The Magic Of Live Music In Your Everyday Experience. Visit her website and read the original post HERE.