Outdoor venues boast certain advantages over indoor facilities. That is why many concerts, movies, dramatic productions, and other types of entertainment frequently take place outside when the weather cooperates.

One advantage to outdoor events is space. Parks or fields typically can hold many more participants than theaters or auditoriums. Cost is another factor. Less maintenance and fewer amenities translates to lower ticket prices – with some outdoor events even being free.

Attending music festivals, outdoor movies or other events outdoors requires careful planning. To increase comfort, certain must-haves are par for the course.

Some place to sit

Depending on space, the venue may allow lawn or beach chairs. Bring something lightweight that is easy to carry. Beach chairs with built-in backpack straps can make it less of a chore to take chairs along. Otherwise bring along a blanket that easily can be rolled up into a bag. Some are even water-resistant so they can be placed on damp grass.

Sunscreen and bug protection

Sunscreen is a must-have for daytime events, no matter the temperature. When the sun begins to set, insects may become prevalent. Keep away biting mosquitoes, gnats and more with insect repellent. If you’ll be trekking through trees or high grass, bring a repellent that works against ticks.

Binoculars and/or hearing protection

Dust off those binoculars because you may need them for an outdoor concert if you want to see the stage and performers. You may not need them for an outdoor movie if the screen is large enough.

If you attend a loud event, such as a fireworks display or a rock concert, using ear protection is a smart idea. You’ll still hear what’s going on, but at lower decibels. Plus, you won’t head home with incessant ringing in your ears.

Water and snacks

Concessions may be expensive and far away from your seating area. Pack nonperishable refreshments that will satisfy your hunger and thirst. Water is always best for staying hydrated. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, which can make you even more thirsty.

Hand sanitizer and flushable wipes

Outdoor venues often are serviced by outdoor restrooms. Those portable toilets, depending on maintenance and the size of crowds, may not be the cleanest nor the best stocked. Avoid germs by packing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a package of flushable toilet wipes.

Child identification

In addition to having mobile phones to keep in touch with other members of your party, bring along photos (or take a recent one with said phone) of children in attendance. Should kids get lost or separated, you’ll have a means to identifying them to others who are helping in the search. Children also can wear temporary tattoos featuring parents’ phone numbers. Designate a visible meeting spot if anyone gets lost.

Attending outdoor events can be enjoyable. Bring along the right items and the fun factor is increased.

Attendees look towards a concert stage at an outdoor venue on a sunny day.