Music festivals are fun and entertaining. They also tend to evoke a sense of joy and appreciation for our surroundings. Often, upon entering a festival grounds, one can feel positive energy radiating. This energy is mutually created and mutually shared amongst participants. It invites the possibility of contentment, relaxation, and the reduction of inhibitions. In this space, individuals can become fully present, strengthen self-awareness, explore passions and interests, build relationships, and connect with inner purpose to guide and sustain positive lifestyle choices.

Festivals are also a great space to express yourself freely and authentically through fashion. Selecting festival clothing that feels right for you and prepares you for the elements can be challenging. Below are some suggestions.

Rock that Bandana: Bandanas are never out of style! It’s a great piece of cloth, which can enhance your look when worn around your mouth and neck, and also to cover your head as well. It can be used as an additional face covering and can serve to protect you from germs, sun, and dust.

Layer Up: Whatever you’re wearing, layer up with a scarf, hat, and other light clothing items that can easily be packed into a bag when not needed. Fun colors and patterns are a plus!

Wear Sunglasses: This is a must, if you’re enjoying a music festival in the day time. Block the sun from your eyes, while looking cool, fancy and slightly mysterious. There are many shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Get those Flip Flops: You’ll be dancing and grooving when you’re having fun at a music festival. Try to wear comfortable footwear like flip flops, which are inexpensive in case you worry about losing them. For some, increased protection from boots or sneakers may be preferable.